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Parkersburg Personal Injury Attorney

Parkersburg Personal Injury Attorney

Certain expectations come with living in modern civilized society. Whether we acknowledge it or not, we all live according to an agreed set of rules and are obligated not to engage in any behavior that puts our fellow citizens at risk. Unfortunately, mistakes happen to the best of us, and others simply choose to ignore the societal obligation to safety.

When people get hurt as a result of someone’s negligence, they deserve fair compensation. If you have been injured, the Parkersburg personal injury attorney at the McCase Law Firm will fight to recover the compensation you deserve. Whether you have been involved in an auto accident, on-the-job injury, drunk driving accident, or anything else, personal injury attorney Matt McCase can help. Contact us to request an initial case consultation and get the help you deserve.

Parkersburg Auto Accident Attorney

With an estimated 13 auto accidents in the United States every minute, auto accidents are by far the most common type of personal injury claim. The injuries that result from a car accident can be life-changing. Missed work, mounting medical bills, and repair costs can present unprecedented challenges in your life. Fortunately, the Parkersburg auto accident attorney at the McCase Law Firm can help hold the at-fault party responsible for the compensation you need to get through your auto accident injury.

Parkersburg Workers Comp Attorney

Your employer is responsible for providing a safe working environment, and you have a right to carry out your job duties safely. Unfortunately, be it due to financial shortcuts or honest mistakes, employers often fail to provide an adequately safe working environment for their employees. In these instances, employees are entitled to workers’ compensation. However, some employers do everything they can to shirk this responsibility.

If you have suffered an on-the-job injury and need help securing workers’ compensation, we can help. Parkersburg workers’ comp attorney Matt McCase will do everything he can to ensure you are taken care of financially while you recover from your injuries.

Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer in Parkersburg

Drunk driving is negligent behavior at its worst. A drunk driver not only chooses to risk their own life but everyone else’s life as well. If a drunk driver has injured you, our Parkersburg drunk driving accident lawyer can help you recover compensation for medical bills, mechanic bills, and wages lost due to missed work.

Birth Injuries

You should be able to trust the doctor that delivers your baby. Unfortunately, sometimes they make mistakes that lead to unnecessary injuries during the birthing process. Such injuries often leave children with permanent physical and or mental disabilities that can make life difficult for them and their parents.

Your child shouldn’t suffer because of a doctor’s professional mistake. If your child has a birth-related injury, or you suspect one in the future, you should act before the statute of limitations is reached and your options run out. If you have a case, you can count on the Parkersburg personal injury attorney at the McCase Law Firm to find it.

Boating Accidents

Maritime laws differ from place to place, which makes crafting a successful boating accident case challenging for even the best Parkersburg personal injury attorney. The good news is that personal injury attorney Matt McCase has years of experience that you can count on for a successful case.

Dog Bites

Dogs are wonderful pets, but they have the potential to cause significant damage under the care of negligent owners. Dog bites not only cause physical harm but can cause mental anguish for the rest of the victim’s life. You shouldn’t have to suffer for someone else’s mistake, and the Parkersburg personal injury attorney at the McCase Law Firm is here to ensure you don’t.

Elder Abuse

Aside from infants, the elderly are the most vulnerable group of people. You should be able to trust the facility where your older family members live, but that doesn’t always mean you can. Unfortunately, elder abuse happens all the time in medical settings such as nursing homes. Please don’t ignore the signs of elder abuse. If you suspect your loved one is getting less than satisfactory care, the McCase Law Firm is here to help.

Medical Malpractice

Medical professionals have a duty of care to protect the patients that come to them for treatment. We go to the doctor to get better and trust the medical professionals to make that happen. If you left the doctor with more injuries than before, you need a Parkersburg personal injury attorney to fight for you. Attorney Matt McCase can establish a case for you that proves a medical professional neglected their duty of care, and you suffered as a result.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are dangerous because no matter how safe you are, you can’t always count on other drivers to pay attention. Negligent drivers cause most motorcycle accidents, and personal injury law aims to rectify these wrongs through compensation to the injured party.

Premises Liability

When you enter a business’ property, they have a duty to ensure you don’t sustain any injuries. If you suffer an injury while visiting someone else’s property, you can hold them accountable. Attorney Matt McCase knows what it takes to craft a winning premises liability case, and he can help you win yours today.

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